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Central (GMT -6)

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Major Cities:

Duluth, Moorhead, Hibbing, Bemidji, Brainerd, Hermantown, Virginia, Chisholm, Eveleth, Ely, Proctor, Arnold, Mountain Iron, Gilbert, Aurora, Babbitt, and Biwabik


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Unemployment Rate:

The 218 area code, situated in northern Minnesota, is notable for its geographical expanse and its role in connecting communities and natural landscapes within the region. Geographic Coverage: The 218 area code covers a vast and diverse geographical area in northern Minnesota. It encompasses a wide range of landscapes, from the shores of Lake Superior to dense forests, lakes, and rural communities. This extensive coverage reflects the area code's importance in connecting residents, businesses, and recreational areas within this northern region. Historical Significance: The 218 area code has a deep historical connection to northern Minnesota and has been in use since the inception of area codes in North America in 1947. It has played a vital role in facilitating communication and supporting the unique industries and lifestyles of the northern part of the state. Numbering Resource Management: Over time, the 218 area code has faced challenges related to numbering resource management due to population growth and increased telecommunications demand. To address this issue, authorities have implemented various measures, such as number conservation practices and the introduction of overlay area codes. The overlay code 320 was introduced in 2000 to help meet the growing demand for phone numbers while preserving the 218 area code. In conclusion, the 218 area code's expansive coverage, historical significance, and efforts to manage numbering resources reflect its enduring role in connecting the people, businesses, and natural beauty of northern Minnesota. It remains a vital part of the region's telecommunications infrastructure.
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