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area code

Biggest city:

San Antonio




Central (GMT -6)

Nearby area codes: 

Zip codes



Major Cities:

Niversal City, Leon Valley, Helotes, Kirby, Alamo Heights, Somerset, Elmendorf, Jbsa Ft Sam Houston, and Jbsa Lackland​

San Antonio

Average Income:





Unemployment Rate:

The 210 area code is an integral part of the telecommunication infrastructure in Texas, particularly for the San Antonio metropolitan area. Here are three key facts about this area code: Origins and Geographic Focus: The 210 area code was created as a result of a split from the 512 number plan area in 1992. This move was made to cater to the growing demand for phone numbers. Initially covering a broader area, the scope of this area code was later narrowed down in 1997, focusing primarily on the central region of the San Antonio metropolitan area due to the threat of number exhaustion. Implementation and Overlap with Other Area Codes: Officially put into service on November 1, 1992, the 210 area code serves the state of Texas and specifically the San Antonio area. It overlaps with the 726 area code, which was introduced later as an overlay to provide additional numbering resources for the region. This means that both area codes serve the same geographic area, with the 726 area code coming into service on October 23, 2017. Subsequent Area Code Splits: Following its establishment, the 210 area code underwent further changes to accommodate the growing need for more phone numbers. In 1997, a portion of the 210 area code was split to create the new 830 and 956 area codes. This was part of an ongoing effort to manage the allocation of phone numbers efficiently and ensure that the region's telecommunication needs are met. These facts highlight the dynamic nature of area code allocation and management, reflecting the evolving demands of telecommunication services in Texas.
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