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The team business phone to talk to
your contacts effortlessly

Call and text as a team

SMS broadcast to thousands

SMS call alerts

Phone2 is committed to a spam-free telecom ecosystem.

Keep personal and business life separate

No extra devices.

Phone2 adds a business number to your personal phone. There’s no need to buy any additional phones or equipment.

Start in 3 easy steps.

1. Select a number, or port your own
2. Choose your plan (year/mo)
3. Download the app to call and text!

Unlimited 2-way SMS

Unlimited SMS / MMS to and from any US and Canadian numbers.

Keep all message, call history and voicemail data organized under a unified thread.

Made for:

Unified Inbox. Show all texts, call history, voicemails under a single contact view.

Share your number

Text as a team from a single shared inbox on one phone number.

Have multiple numbers, and share with your entire team, or just for yourself.

Unlimited Calls

Unlimited 2-way calling to/from any US and Canadian numbers.

Increase productivity by seeing who on your team called who.

Made for:


SMS Call Alerts

Send a text to a contact letting them know the reason for calling, before the call.

Increase answer rates by 25% by adding context before the call starts.

Made for:


Keep a separate a contact book in Phone2. Import contacts from your device or Google account.

Take notes and add properties under each contact, like a mini-CRM.

Made for:

Connect to your tools

Keep a separate a contact book in Phone2. Import contacts and call history from your device or Google account. 

available now

available January 2024

Integration settings for Phone2
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